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From Humble Beginnings to Global Icon- A Look at the Rich History of the Steelpan

From Humble Beginnings

At MITTCO, we’re passionate about sharing the beauty and tradition of the steelpan. This remarkable instrument, with its vibrant sound and unique history, is a true symbol of Trinidadian culture. Today, we delve into the fascinating journey of the steelpan, from its humble beginnings to its celebrated status as the national instrument of Trinidad and […]

Put national instrument in every home, school’

EVERY Trinidadian should be able to play pan, an expert on the musical instrument has said. Akua Leith, director of sales and business development at the Musical Instruments of Trinidad and Tobago Company Ltd (MITTCO), suggested this as he spoke with reporters after the company hosted President Christine Kangaloo and her husband, Kerwyn Garcia, to […]

The Music Makers – Issue 1/2022

The Sound of Trinidad and Tobago: On August 11, 2022, World Steelpan Day, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade & Industry, officially declared Musical Instruments of Trinidad and Tobago Company Limited (MITTCO) open for business. Minister Gopee-Scoon and other officials toured the facility with the company’s Directors and expressed delight in the world […]