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Trinidad and Tobago’s Gold Medal Win in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Accompanied by Historic Performance of National Anthem on Pan

The 2008 Beijing Olympics will forever be remembered as the Games where Trinidad and Tobago’s men’s 4×100 team made history not only by winning the gold medal but also by having the Official Pan version of the national anthem performed for the first time at an Olympic medal ceremony. The National Steel Symphony Orchestra with […]

New Steelpan Manufacturing Facility will come on line this year

February 12, 2021 A new steelpan manufacturing company will be operational in the fourth quarter of 2021. The company, Musical Instruments of Trinidad and Tobago (MITTCO) will produce a full range of high  quality steelpans to supply growing demand both locally and internationally. MITTCO is the brainchild of Akua Leith, the Artistic Director and Conductor […]