MITTCO Ensemble

The MITTCO Ensemble

The MITTCO Ensemble is a dynamic steelpan orchestra that comprises a diverse team of experienced instrumentalists and musical performers established by Akua Leith, Director – Sales and Business Development. We provide local and international performances that can be customised to meet the specific needs of your event. Our services span the whole spectrum, from solos and duets to entire orchestras for live performances before large audiences. No celebration is complete without the vibrant energy of steelpan. Spice up your fetes and events with MITTCO, where every beat is a celebration! Let MITTCO transform your event into a symphony of joy. Reach out to us for bookings, consultations, and more.

Contact us to experience the magic of steelpan at your next concert. Immerse yourself in a symphony of sounds that transcends boundaries.

Elevate your events with the enchanting allure of steel pan. From corporate conferences to international conventions, make your mark with MITTCO.

Add a touch of Caribbean charm to your festivities. Let MITTCO bring the rhythmic beats of steelpan to
your festivals, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Make your special day truly unforgettable with the soulful tunes of steelpan. From elegant weddings to
Iively parties, we set the perfect musical backdrop.

For more info contact us at (868) 612-4769 or

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