Gillian Benjamin, Akua Leith & Paula Gopee-Scoon (center) Hon Brigid Annisette-George, Mr. Farley Chavez Augstine Chief Secretary of Tobago House of Assembly Robert Hadad, Mario Joseph, John Hadad & David Hackett (second row)

The Sound of Trinidad and Tobago:

On August 11, 2022, World Steelpan Day, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade & Industry, officially declared Musical Instruments of Trinidad and Tobago Company Limited (MITTCO) open for business. Minister Gopee-Scoon and other officials toured the facility with the company’s Directors and expressed delight in the world class factory set up to provide reliable steelpan exports from Trinidad and Tobago. According to Minister Gopee-Scoon, “Today’s launch is symbolic of the vision and partnerships we wish to see in the creative industry. This venture represents diversification to its core birthed from the synergy of culture and business.”

The steelpan facility, based in the e-Teck Diamond Vale Business Park, Diego Martin is purpose built for the efficient production of steelpans using both traditional and innovative manufacturing processes. According to MITTCO’s Director – Business Development, Akua Leith, “Promoting the Steelpan as a musical instrument born and bred in T&T is an integral part of our mission. T&T is the land of the Steelpan and MITTCO will become a dependable musical instrument producer. We believe that the company is well poised to build its brand both locally and internationally.”

Merle Albino-de Coteau, Bertram Kelman, Sterling Betancourt, and Daisy James-McLean were among the pan pioneers honoured by MITTCO during the inaugural event. The MITTCO Ensemble, Johann Chuckaree and Keisha Codrington all provided musical performances for the audience throughout the course of the evening. One of the highlights of the Opening Ceremony was a special live performance by the legendary innate genius composer Dr. Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe.

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Seal of Approval:

The MITTCO mark or logo is engraved into its steelpans as proof that the products have been tested by the Master Tuner and are found to be of an acceptable standard. Buyers can feel confident that they are purchasing a high quality, perfectly tuned steelpan.


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