The Story of MITTCO

MITTCO is the brainchild of Akua Leith. Akua, a pan enthusiast, envisioned a full-service pan ecosystem that would provide year-round employment in the production and craftsmanship of steelpans. “I’ve had this idea for a while now…but was very protective of it until I felt I could collaborate with a team who shared the same vision and values as I did,” he says.

He approached Mario Joseph, David Hackett, and the Hadad Brothers, long-time supporters of steelpan music and together they created a dynamic team to implement Akua’s vision. The team, a unique blend of pan artisans and successful entrepreneurs, set out to build a brand committed to good governance and the business of steelpan. “We believe in collaborating to compete and have entered this joint venture with a genuine desire to promote this musical instrument globally,” says the Hadad Brothers.

The pan facility located in the e-Teck Diamond Vale Business Park, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin, is managed by a market-oriented team with the ability to respond effectively to the needs of its consumers.

“Trinidad & Tobago is the home of Steelpan,” says Akua, “We have, without doubt, the best artisan steelpan craftsmen in the world, and there is no better time than now to establish a world class company with international reach.”

MITTCO’s goal is simple: to keep the authenticity of steelpan manufacturing alive, here where it belongs, in its country of origin.