2020 – Musical Instruments of Trinidad and Tobago is Established

The brainchild of Akua Leith, he envisioned a full-service pan ecosystem that would provide year-round employment in the production and craftsmanship of steelpans. He approached Mario Joseph, David Hackett, and the Hadad Brothers, long-time supporters of steelpan music and together they created a dynamic team to implement Akua’s vision. The team, a unique blend of […]

2010s – Education and Innovation

First class of the Advanced Steelpan Tuning Programme at University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) graduates after 16 months of training Trinidad and Tobago is granted patent for G pan Continued global interest in Steelpans: Australia holds First Steelpan Festival in 2013   Image Source University of the West Indies (UTT)

1990s – Steelbands Honoured with Prestigious Awards

· 3 Steelpan bands receive the T&T Chaconia Medal Gold for their cultural contributions: Desperadoes (1992) Renegades (1992) Invaders (1996) Global recognition of Steelpan bands: In 2000, the World Steelband Music Festival is held in POS and features bands from the Caribbean, as well as Europe and USA   Image Source The Office of the […]

1980s – More Pan Expansion

English-speaking Caribbean holds Steelpan festivals during Carnival period Steelpan ensembles/orchestras now established in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, France, and South Africa   Image Source National Archives of Trinidad & Tobago Photo Collection – “Steelband Jamboree, Queens Park Savannah, 1963 “

1970s – Pan Conquers the World

Interest in the Steelpan as a musical instrument rises: Steelpan movement expands throughout the British Commonwealth with hubs in POS, Guyana, Antigua, New York, Orlando, Illinois, and London TASPO hosts Steelpan manufacturing workshop in Switzerland USA Navy Steelband moves to New Orleans Experiments to mechanise the pan making process begin with CARIRI in T&T   […]

1960s – Innovation and Expansion

Introduction of the double tenor Steelpans used in Classical music performances T&T based pan ensembles perform and tour overseas Era of Panorama: An official Steelband committee and governing body forms in Trinidad and Tobago National Steelband performs in the USA (1964), Commonwealth Arts Festival (1965) Steelband performances debut in Tokyo   Image Source Archives de […]