Standard Pan Cases

Standard Pan Cases

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Our standard steelpan cases are made from protective ‘Cordura’ material and have inner padding designed to protect your instrument. All our cases have a zipper seal, internal pocket, carry handle and shoulder strap for easy transportation. We also stock standard ‘Cordura’ material bass pan covers for tenor, six, seven and nine bass sets.

Please be sure to select the correct steelpan case. One case size does not fit all as they are made to house the specific pan sizes. Please note that by selecting a product, you will receive the number of cases needed for each instrument set.

See table below for more information.

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Steelpan You Will Receive
Tenor 1 case
Double Seconds 2 cases
Double Guitar 2 cases
Triple Cello 3 cases
Four Cello 4 cases
Tenor Bass 4 cases
Six Bass 6 covers
Seven Bass 7 covers
Nine Bass 9 covers

Interested in a custom print for your pan case? E-mail us at for more


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Standard Pan Cases
TTD $1,230.00TTD $5,000.00 Select options